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Dr. Tatianie Jackson, Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Chief Resident, received a Travel Grant at the 2014 SNMMI Mid-Winter Meeting

February 6, 2014
Photo of JacksonTatianie Jackson, MD has received the Travel Grant at the ACNM Annual Meeting and SNMMI Mid-Winter Meting in Palm Springs, CA, for her work on "Combined NaF and FDG PET/CT Evaluation of Sarcoma Patients." This is a great achievement, as there were more than 40 presenters this year.

Congratulations, Dr. Jackson!

First in the World Time-of-flight PET-MRI Scanner Arrives at Stanford

January 31, 2014
Photo of Stanford's new PET-MR scanner

View photos of the installation

In December of 2013, we received the first whole body time-of-flight PET-MRI scanner, capable of simultaneous PET and MR imaging. The PET-MR device is located at the Richard M. Lucas Center for Imaging. Stanford Radiology is a known leader in the field of advanced MRI techniques for both neurological and whole body imaging, much of which is undertaken under the auspices of the Lucas Center, led by Gary Glover, PhD. Stanford Radiology has also long been a leader in the field of molecular imaging, as evidenced by the success of the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS) led by Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD. Thus, we are the natural site to fully exploit the potential of this new PET-MRI scanner.

During the past several years, we have built a working group developing PET and MRI research projects to prepare for the use of this remarkable machine and to advise the scientists and engineers who were developing it. This group, co-led by Greg Zaharchuk, MD, PhD and Andrei Iagaru, MD, consists of radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and scientists focusing on all of the major applications of PET-MRI, including oncology, cardiac, musculoskeletal, and neurological applications, both for adult and pediatric patients, as well as technical development and innovation. Additionally, a clinical hyperpolarizer will soon be added to the machine, enabling hyperpolarized carbon-13 metabolomic imaging to be combined in real-time with PET-MRI. This exciting research journey will capture the specific benefits of combined PET-MRI and will allow meaningful future clinical use of this new imaging technology.

Simultaneous PET-MRI may improve clinical outcomes through improved diagnostic accuracy, therapy planning, and disease monitoring. We are excited and highly motivated by this opportunity and welcome everyone interested to contribute to its growth and success at Stanford and worldwide.

Dr. McDougall Received the Light of Life Award

January 31, 2014
Photo of Ross McDougallRoss McDougall, MD has received the Light of Life Award from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where he gave a lecture entitled, "Differentiated Thyroid Cancer, Then and Now: Four Questions and a Quandary".

The Light of Life Award is an annual award presented to an esteemed physician in thyroid cancer research as selected by the Light of Life Foundation. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of thyroid cancer patients through continual education of the lay public and the medical community, and by promoting research and development to improve thyroid cancer care. The Light of Life Foundation Honorary Award has become recognized amongst the worldwide thyroid cancer medical community.

Congratulations, Dr. McDougall!

The New "Molecular Imaging Primer" eBook is Now Available

Cover of Molecular Imaging Primero
June 15, 2013
The Molecular Imaging Primer is an electronic textbook by Sanjiv Sam Gambhir that introduces clinicians and researchers to the expanding field of Molecular Imaging (MI) of living subjects. Students at all levels (e.g., undergraduates, graduates, medical students, residents, post-doctoral fellows, as well as research scientists) who are entering the field, or are already in the field but needing a booster shot, should find this book useful. Where past imaging was directed at the gross physical and anatomical levels, MI is shifting imaging to the molecular and cellular levels, opening up new pathways of discovery to expand MI applications in basic science research, and clinical diagnosis and treatment. Not available in print, this eBook is exclusively available on the iPad.

  • Released for the First Time after 5 Years of Development
  • Designed Specifically for the iPad from the Ground Up
  • Written as a Textbook that Can be Used in Classes or Labs
  • Contains 492 pages with over 100 Illustrations, 55 Imaging Examples, 49 Clinical Examples, and 164 Probe Structures
  • Zoom to Full-Screen by tapping any Figure, Illustration, Movie, or Probe
  • Fully Linked References take you Directly to PubMed
  • Fully Searchable for any Word throughout the Book
  • Multiple Choice Questions with Answers that can be Checked in Real Time
  • Ability to Take your own Electronic Notes
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section with Answers that Should be Helpful to Individuals New to the Field
  • Dedicated Section for Industry-Related Links to Websites of Companies Involved in all Aspects of Molecular Imaging
  • Quick Navigation throughout Book via Table of Contents (TOC) and In-Text Links
  • Will Electronically Update Periodically Keeping the Book Current
This eBook can only be viewed on an iPad using iBooks 2 or later. iOS 5 or later is required. Optimized for iPad 3 with retina display.

Download the free iBooks App onto your iPad. Go to Store, and search by either ISBN ('9780989541404'), or Author ('Gambhir'), or Book Title. Click 'Sample' to download free preview. Click 'Buy' to purchase (Apple ID required).

Visit iTunes for More Information

Webcast of Dr. Iagaru's 2013 American Urological Association Plenary Talk Available

May 13, 2013
A webcast of Dr. Andrei Iagaru's Plenary Session Invited Talk, "Radionuclide Therapy of Bone Metastases: Past, Present, Future", at the 2013 American Urological Association annual meeting in San Diego is available.

View Webcast

Radiology Technologist of the Year

February 14, 2013
Paulo Castaneda with Andrew Quon, MD and Andrei Iagaru, MD, Co-Chairs of the Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging section Paulo Castaneda, a Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging technologist displays his Radiology Technologist of the Year award with Co-chairs Andrew Quon, MD and Andrei Iagaru, MD.

Congratulations, Paulo!

Dr. Meena Kumar, Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Fellow, Euodia Jonathan, and Dr. Erik Mittra presented their work at 2013 SNMMI Mid Winter Meeting

January 28, 2013
Stanford had a very successful participation at the 2013 SNMMI Mid Winter Meeting. Dr. Meena Kumar, Euodia Jonathan, and Dr. Erik Mittra gave great presentations of their work.

Andrei Iagaru, MD Co-Chaired the 2nd Sino-American Nuclear Medicine Conference

January 28, 2013
Andrei Iagaru, MD Co-Chaired the 2nd Sino-American Nuclear Medicine Conference which was held in conjunction with the 2013 SNMMI Mid-Winter Meeting, January 23-27 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 2nd conference welcomed more than twelve Chinese residents and CSNM leaders, and provided insightful and innovative education to attendees from around the world.


Guido Davidzon, Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Resident won the Young Professionals Competition

January 28, 2013
Guido Davidzon, MD won the Young Professionals Competition in the 2nd Sino-American Nuclear Medicine Conference for his work on "Biodistribution and Kinetics of 18F FPPRGD2 PET/CT in the Evaluation of Suspected Recurrence in Glioblastoma Multiforme". He will represent the US (and us) in an exchange program with our Chinese colleagues.

Congratulations, Dr. Davidzon!

Dr. Andrei Iagaru was elected as a fellow to the American College of Nuclear Medicine

January 28, 2013
Andrei Iagaru, MD was elected as a fellow to the American College of Nuclear Medicine this year. This is a prestigious honor in recognition of the myriad activities he has done over the years to support the ACNM in its endeavors.

Congratulations, Dr. Iagaru!

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