Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Fellowship Program

Andrew Quon, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology
Fellowship Program Director

The Stanford School of Medicine is rapidly expanding its molecular imaging program and the Nuclear Medicine Service. Stanford has 2 PET/CT systems and is rapidly expanding its volume of service.

The clinical fellowship will focus on all aspects of clinical PET/CT imaging as well as include clinical research projects that evaluate emerging Molecular Imaging technologies related to PET.

Clinical duties include helping with the PET/CT service and joint Nuclear Medicine/Radiology read-outs. Features include intensive training in the interpretation of FDG PET/CT, the formulations of imaging protocols, and the daily management of the PET/CT scanner. Training from both Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Faculty allow for a unique learning experience not available in most programs. The fellowship lasts one year and is renewable at the end of each academic year.



If you wish to apply for a fellowship position, you must complete and submit the following:

Application materials must be sent via email as PDF or Jpeg files to residency/fellowship program coordinator:

Sofia Gonzales
Tel: (650) 724-9139
Fax: (650) 721-6619


After reviewing this material, interviews at Stanford will be arranged for selected individuals. We thank you for your interest in our program and look forward to meeting you.

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